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  The purpose of the Community Health and Wellness Center of Miami Inc (CHWCM) is to provide primary care delivered with the patient and the community first in mind. Primary care is traditionally the point of ‘first contact’ for the patient when a medical illness, issue or concern arises.  We not only treat the patient when they are ill, but work with the patient when they are  healthy to establish strong health maintenance skills by practicing disease prevention and health education.

• Continuously Improving

  and Building Our

  Organization’s Infrastructure


  The structure of our primary care practice will include a team of physicians, physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners. The overarching goal and intent is to become a Federally Qualified Health Center (FHQC) funded by the federal, state and local agencies providing services to undeserved, uninsured, under insured and medically needy populations with Primary Health Care.  We will apply and receive the Medicare and Medical ACHA accreditation creating cooperative agreements, memorandum of understandings and collaboration and partnership agreements to serve the needy and most vulnerable population.

• Demographically and Strategically Located


  CHWCMs primary care practices are organized to meet the needs of patients with undifferentiated problems, with the vast majority of patient concerns and needs being cared for in the primary care practice itself. CHWCM is located within a low income, undeserved and underprivileged community well nestled a unique are in the City of Miami leading to and from the City of Miami Municipal Compound, Downtown, Civic Center and to and from the arteries of the State Road 836 and the Palmetto Expressway thereby facilitating access to health care while maintaining a wide variety of specialty and institutional consultative and referral relationships for specific care needs.

• Community Created by Outreach


  Re-structural CHCWM conducts outreach services at Films for events to educate the community at large including health and wellness to strengthen families, with a variety of venues such as health and wellness fairs during activities in public placed where people are exposed to integration of multi-cultural forms of artistic impressions, opera, ballet, symphonies, film, creative arts and dance, and all forms of the arts and education that will enhance and expose the communities as part of our wellness and family events that will educate our community on available primary health care services using a sliding fee scale methods, special discounts and programs to ensure their preventive and primary care services are met.

• Strong partnerships and collaboration efforts


  We partner and collaborate with the community and other professionals in their field of expertise local, state and federal agencies and other non-profit organizations that will add to the quality of life and improve the healthcare care for these patients and their family. This will include strengthening families and exposure to healthy lifestyles.  CHWCM will create and participate in all health care events and create a volunteer and community outreach team to go and inform those living in the most vulnerable populations of the available services CHWCMhas to offer.

Masiel Moreira

Founder & Chairman

Masiel Moreira is the perfect representation of what the American Dream is all about. She came to the United States when she was 18 years old by herself and with perseverance and hard work has been able to build a new successful life.


She was born in Havana, Cuba and graduated from the University of Havana as an Orthopedic Technician in 1997. Upon her graduation, Masiel left her family behind and came to Miami, where she enrolled in Miami Dade College to study business administration and medical assistance while at the same time worked in related  fields in order to gain experience. Her passion has always been to help others, and has committed her life to make a difference doing so.


In 2006 Masiel founded the Medical Consulting Center in Little Havana specializing in preventive medicine and Physical Therapy in order to assist low income families in her community.


She continued with her work and her mission to help the underprivileged where was really needed.  As founder of the non-profit organization Community Health and Wellness Center of Miami opened in 2013  her primary goal is to nourish the needs of her community by developing multiple programs of assistance for low income families.

Based on her dedication, hard work and passion to help others she has built an organization that stands out, offering much needed services in two locations including weekly food distribution as well as preventive care.


On Aug 12th 2016 "Free Care Friday" the newest program of the center was launched to provide free medical care for truly needed families every Friday on both locations. Mayor Tomás Regalado presented Masiel with a Salute from the City of Miami acknowledging her outstanding work. More than 200 patients are seen every Friday.


In October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month a promotion was organized with a local TV and radio station and gave out 200 mammograms.


A pharmacy was added to the facility in Little Havana, making it easier for the patients to get the medications prescribed immediately.


We started the holiday season with a turkey drive where 300 families were given a complete turkey meal for Thanksgiving.


Last Saturday Santa Claus visited the Little Havana center to be part of a toy give away for the  needy children in our community.


Masiel was featured in Rostros de Nuestra Comunidad, show that highlights outstanding members of our community aired by Telemundo.


For Community Health and Wellness Center 2016 has been an amazing year, Masiel and her team of professionals have surpassed the set goals, now she look towards the new year setting the bar higher  in order to expand her operation reaching more people everyday.


Masiel Moreira has become a pillar of her community and one of the most influential role models for today's women uplifting her community.

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